The Petrichor Paintings | the latest from Allie Dattilio

This is a brand new collection of twelve original oil paintings, featuring a blend of 18k and 24k gold leaf and gold pigment.

The series began exploring the limits of my favorite medium — gold leaf. I pushed myself to blur the line between gold leaf and oil paint, using a delicate touch of the brush and loose gold pigment to create a soft transition between the two. Branching out from my typical more linear approach to my horizon lines, this series experiments with new angles and a softer approach.

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The Studio Source: Community and Education

After sensing a void for artists who sell their work online, this idea of crafting a community for those artists came together by collaborating with Lindsey Emery of Suite One Studio in August 2018. We considered which topics would be particularly pertinent to the online artist, invited our fellow creatives along for the journey through the free Facebook group and over time have watched some true community come together between artists all over the world.

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The Ascent Collection

This final collection for 2018 consisted of ten paintings inspired by the powerful Pacific Northwest terrain, and features the use of 24k gold leaf and a new favorite - 12k White Gold. This blend of gold, silver and palladium adds the perfect coolness to this winter collection.

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Happy 1st Birthday to THE PRINT SHOP | and it's getting a makeover!

It has been one year since opening the doors to The Print Shop, offering archival giclee reproductions printed on canvas of my gold leaf landscapes! Its been a year of incredible growth (hello, new team member, Renee, and fancy new camera!), lessons learned, and a never-ending quest to improve our systems and offerings. This is a quick moment to reflect on our successes, challenges, and share a BIG announcement at the end!

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Living with Art | How to Hang and Style Artwork

Styling artwork in a home can be tricky, and envisioning a big, intimidating painting in a real life can be difficult! I’ve been making more of an effort to put my artwork into context, helping collectors visualize how I imagine my pieces living in a home, by creating a styled vignette to photograph my works in my studio.

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The Transcend Collection

Titling this collection was no coincidence— it was an intentional choice to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone. To surpass what I knew I could do and to see what I was truly capable of. Interested in seeing what new ways I pushed myself? Click through for more!

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