The Petrichor Paintings | the latest from Allie Dattilio


This is a brand new collection of twelve original oil paintings, featuring a blend of 18k and 24k gold leaf and gold pigment.

The series began exploring the limits of my favorite medium — gold leaf. I pushed myself to blur the line between gold leaf and oil paint, using a delicate touch of the brush and loose gold pigment to create a soft transition between the two. Branching out from my typical more linear approach to my horizon lines, this series experiments with new angles and a softer approach.

This series is a mix of land and sea, capturing a mix of my signature evergreens and calming waves.

Petrichor: the earthy aroma when rain falls on dry soil. The scent of a storm’s first raindrops.

In searching for the perfect title, I discovered a new word. Petrichor. A term that so perfectly sums up the emotions and multi-dimensions of my paintings.

I’ve never had so much difficulty deciding on a name, but I think that’s because this collection is different. There was more pressure to get it exactly right. To convey the complex web of emotions that loss and grief and new life and hope weaves together.

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