SUMMER | #TheEphemeralCollection


əˈfem(ə)rəl/ adjective

  1. 1. lasting for a very short time.synonyms:transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short;

I use this word probably too often - my husband makes fun of me because he knows its one of my favorites. But when reflecting on this moment of my life, following The Renewal Collection, I kept being drawn back to ephemeral. I've been told "The days are long, but years are short" at least a hundred times now since giving birth -- and believe me, I get it now. 

This group of works is about cherishing ephemerality-- savoring the fleeting, quietly profound moments that pass us by each day.

The Ephemeral Collection is going to look a bit different than my past series...

Feeling like I’ve been on a hamster wheel cranking out collection after collection the past few years — (more power to those artists out there that have that endless inspiration and energy to do that!) but I’m re-thinking this whole model for my work, and in an effort to preserve my fire and really challenge myself, I’m going to be slowing down the process and put more time and energy into each piece.

As a result, I’m breaking the collection down into two parts to really expose my process and give myself the time to push my artistic limits.


[ 1 ] SKETCHES + STUDIES: My first step in my process to experiment with ideas and compositions for my larger works, this will be a group of small-scale watercolor sketches on paper and oil studies on panel, all 12 x 12 or smaller. Experimental, loose, bold. To be released June 21st.

[ 2 ] FINAL STATEMENTS: the culmination of my sketches and exploration, taking those ideas and experiments to create a very exclusive selection of just SIX large-scale statement oil paintings, all 30x30 and larger. I’m limiting this group of works to only six pieces to be able to really devote time and effort, and push the boundaries of my brushes. Because of its limited nature and depending on interest, I may open a wait-list for these pieces — still figuring out the logistics since this is new to me! To be released end of July.

april 19-069.jpg

Let me know what you think about splitting this collection into two, or if you have any suggestions on how to handle it logistically! I’m always so weary of change, but excited to really give myself permission to experiment and have fun with my SKETCHES+STUDIES, and then have the time to go all-in for my large scale FINAL STATEMENTS.