The Transcend Collection


transcend: to go beyond, to rise above, to surpass.

Titling this collection was no coincidence— it was an intentional choice to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone. To surpass what I knew I could do and to see what I was truly capable of.

I limited this series to only fourteen paintings, to give myself the time and permission to really dive into each piece-- giving more movement and dimension to my clouds than probably ever before. It's amazing to me after painting so many skies, I still learn and discover so much with each new work.

And speaking of NEW, I experimented with silver leaf in a few of the paintings -- which now has my mind racing with SO many ideas.

I am incredibly proud of this series, and I am so excited the day has finally arrived to share the entire collection with you!

Thank you as always for your support. A few originals remain available from the collection, along with a curated selection of six giclee print options.

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