The Ascent Collection


“Between every two pines there is a doorway to a new world.”

- John Muir

This collection of ten paintings is inspired by the powerful Pacific Northwest terrain, and features the use of 24k gold leaf and a new favorite - 12k White Gold. This blend of gold, silver and palladium adds the perfect coolness to this winter collection.

The series was influenced by my recent trip to British Columbia this fall -- feeling so small and insignificant, amidst such absolute grandeur. Vast skies, jutting mountain ridges, and intimate details of rolling fog along evergreen tree lines.

The color palette is a bit cooler than series past -- Prussian blue, smokey lavender, and deep forest greens. The perfect nod to the winter season and the region that has inspired it.

This series was released on November 16th, and sold out in record time. I am so overwhelmed and appreciative of your support! Most definitely inspired and excited to begin the next collection — a series of small works, to be released early 2019.

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