The Studio Source: Community and Education

For those of you who haven’t been following along on Instagram, it is time to introduce a side project I’ve stayed quiet about here on the blog called The Studio Source.

After sensing a void for artists who sell their work online, this idea of crafting a community for those artists came together by collaborating with Lindsey Emery of Suite One Studio in August 2018. We considered which topics would be particularly pertinent to the online artist, invited our fellow creatives along for the journey through the free Facebook group and over time have watched some true community come together between artists all over the world.

As conversations in this group continued we found we had skills we’ve honed in our art business that we wanted to share, too.

FB Members Only Cover.jpg

So now, after months of creating the content for our first Foundation Course, Instagram for Artists and running that content through with our small group of Beta testers it’s finally time for The Membership to go public. Tomorrow— Thursday, 1/17/19 The Membership opens! If you would like to hear more about this program, there are several places for you to learn more!

  • The Facebook Group: Last week we shared the thought process behind starting this membership component of the Studio Source on our weekly live series! You can learn more at this video here. Please note, if you’re not already a member of the group, you will need to answer the application questions - that’s how we decide if you’re a good fit for the community!

  • The Studio Source website: This website has all the information about our community, though for specific information about The Membership click here to access the latest details!

Membership will only be open between Thursday, January 17th and Tuesday, January 22nd.

If you’re interested in joining, be sure to join The Waitlist! We will be sending an email to those on the list the moment the doors open, and offering a few really fun (and valuable!) bonuses to the first members that sign up.

p.s. Looking for a quick dose of daily inspiration? Join us on Instagram here!

Okay, so there’s my schpeel… but now a moment to get personal.

I have not felt this anxious and uncertain about anything within my business in SO long. I have a whole new appreciation for those artists and business owners just starting out and trying something for the first time. (I’ve honestly forgotten what that felt like as I realize I’ve gotten way too comfortable tucked away in my studio.)

THIS IS SCARY. The uncertainty, the learning curve, the inevitable hiccups that are going to come along the way. And what if it’s just crickets and no one even joins?

I’m writing this today, the day before we launch, after a sleepless night worrying about all the what-ifs, because I want to remember this moment. I want to remember the fear. And I want to look back in six months, a year… and realize I did it, we did it. We bet on ourselves, poured out our heart and souls to reach and help other artists, and came out on the other side stronger.

with love,