| PUSHING OUR LUCK | 36 x 36

| PUSHING OUR LUCK | 36 x 36


Pushing our luck.

This beauty is beyond moody, with 24k gold leaf so delicately intertwined throughout the horizon. These are the places I will always go. I'm drawn to the stormy skies, the air filled with anticipation, just before the sky falls. This sky is blends of deep, rich navy and cool grays leading way to subtle shades of sage in the foreground.

This piece is my largest #goldleaflandscape to date, and it will no doubt make quite the impact in a space.

36" x 36"

Oil and gold leaf on canvas. Painting wraps around all edges, wired, unframed.

Shipping included for US residents.

For pricing details and to purchase, e-mail Allie at amaryllistruth@gmail.com

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