Allie is an oil painter, currently residing in Hagerstown, Maryland with her husband Mark, and their two pups, Lena and Roam.

She graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2011, with a BA in Art & Art History, and a minor in Mathematics.

Her paintings can be seen in homes and collections internationally, across 5 continents. (Africa and Antarctica are next!)

Artist Statement

Her work is about remembering - exploring ones histories preserved as subtle, evolving memories that manifest as a flash of light, a shadow, a smile, juxtaposed against the fragmented, frozen world of photographs- abstracted moments that construct a concrete visual history of one’s past. Her pieces are most often a bit ambiguous, intended to challenge the viewer to discover the image on their own terms, applying their own histories and memories onto the piece. 

Skyscapes, in particular, are her subject matter of choice to convey the ephemeral. She seeks to blur the lines between the cornerstone events that change the trajectory of one’s life and the quiet, overlooked sunsets and storms that may unknowingly have just as much impact.


About Amaryllis Truth Studio

 I named my studio Amaryllis Truth, as an homage to my mom, Mary, and a little girl named Ruth who captured my heart when I spent a summer working at an orphanage in Ghana. 

The words Amaryllis and Truth were a bit arbitrary, chosen because they contained their names, Amaryllis and Truth.  When I returned to the states, my family seriously considered pursuing adoption (my mom is foster parent, so I also have four other adopted siblings), but in the following months I found out that Ruth and her brother, Bless, left the orphanage, with very little explanation.  I was told they went to live with family, but my heart still breaks for them, and I hope they are safe.  Some of my favorite portraits I’ve ever painted were of Ruth and Bless, and the other orphans I cared for that summer.